1. Pull Up Mate II

    The Pull Up Mate II.
    A heavier duty Pull Up Mate, specifically designed for calisthenics training, including muscle ups, levers and human flag training. Solid, Portable, Reliable, & Rapid Assembly Guaranteed.

Pull Up Mate X
Portable Parallel Bars are lightweight but very strong calisthenics training apparatus. There are lots exercises that can be achieved in basic forms, and even more alternatives open up as you get stronger. Another great piece of equipment if you love bodyweight exercises.
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Upper Body Circuit Workout
Upper Body Circuit Workout
So, you’ve been using the Pull Up Mate for a few weeks now and you’re looking for something more intensive. Why not try out our Upper Body Circuit Workout and see if you can handle the challenge! Time has gone by and you practiced doing exercises on the Pull Up Mate to a point where you feel confident taking your...
Beginner Calisthenics Workout Program
Beginner Calisthenics Workout Program
When you start training calisthenics, it’s easier to know what you want to achieve than where to start. Get on the right track from the start with our beginner calisthenics workout plan.
Fit on a Budget: Home Gyms Aren’t Expensive!
If you’re looking to train at home, you might be surprised how cheaply you can build your own home gym. While gym memberships can easily cost thousands of dollars a year, home gyms are often a cheaper and more convenient option – if you have the space. Today we’re going to explain why home gyms aren’t expensive, and how you...
Quick Fixes: Pull Up Weak Links and How To Fix Them
Quick Fixes: Pull Up Weak Links and How To Fix Them Weak links are the fastest way to fail your pull-ups. “Weak links” are weak muscles or patterns that limit your overall performance. If even one of your muscles is too weak, you’ll not get your pull-ups. Today we’ll give you everything you need to fix your pull-up in a...
Pull Up Mate - More than Just Pull Ups!
Pull Up Mate - More than Just Pull Ups!
You might think that pull up mate is only for pull ups. That’d make sense, right? Wrong. This is a pretty reasonable mistake to make – it’s really a mobile, complete calisthenics workout partner. It’s a system for every single movement type that you could expect in calisthenics and bodyweight training.

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